Restaurant Day Ostrava VII

21.11.2015 / from 10:00 topical routes, 12:00 - 16:00 Cooltour

International Festival of Homemade Food

After three months the Food Festival is coming back to Ostrava. Amateur cooks will open their one-day restaurants and will do their best to prepare and serve delicious meals.

Jindra Holubec Y Amigos – ZRUŠENO

18.11.2015 / 19:00

Koncert z technických důvodů zrušen. Jindra Holubec y Amigos je hudební projekt, který se právě dostává do hledáčku hudebních kritiků i dramaturgů festivalů. Latino, jazz a funky s nadsázkou i ve vší vážnosti. Energická temperamentní muzika v podání mistrných muzikantů v čele s Jindrou Holubcem je dávkou jihoamerické diskotéky přímo do žíly.

Body Etudes / The Art of Manipulation

12.11.2015 / 19:00

Contemporary Dance

An evening featuring the performances and choreographies of students and professors of the Ostrava performing art school (JKGO) and professionla artists. This time Helena Stavova and jakub Rataj with performance The art of Manipulation.

MOSTRAVA: Growing Party

6.11.2015 / 18:00


Ostrava is going to join MOVEMBER and Cooltour wants to take a part as well! The official Growing party is here at the beginning of your Movember journey, and it is for everyone who cares about the health of their love ones.

Open-air Salsa Dance Hall

25.8.2015 / 19:30

Jakub Mazůch a Tom Boldi

Dance hall

Beer garden

Jakub Mazúch invites you to dance salsa on the summer garden in front of Cooltour. Let´s enjoy the summer with summer songs that will play DJ Tom Boldi. Jakub will teach the dance steps to beginners. So don´t worry, come and have fun with us. The end will be around midnight.

Filip Gajdošík: Čmelda, I am coming home

21.8.2015 / 20:00

Filip Gajdošík


Beer garden

Don´t expect either a shy singer with a torn soul or irresistible sex symbol. Filip Gajdošík is an IT guy who tests his songs on small groups and those, which don´t leave lasting consequences on their health, performs in front of a wider audience. On his debut concert, he´ll make you cry singing sad dark ballads and series of songs about little animals. Self-appointed critics talk about him as about Norah Jones after sex change, under the influence of LSD and amphetamines, playing guitar and singing deep voice.

Theatre: SYNovial

15.8.2015 / 20:00

A physical theatre

Beer garden

“Synovia” (or synovial fluid) is a clear, viscous fluid produced by the synovium, and its main purpose is to reduce friction between the joint cartilages during movement.

Summer cinema: Django Unchained

14.8.2015 / 21:00

Summer cinema

Beer garden

An American western film directed by Quentin Tarantino with absurd one-liners typical for Tarantino, explicit violence, brilliant soundtrack and blood.
(US, 2012,165 min., original version with subtitles)

Jazz evening

11.8.2015 / 19:00

Relax with DJs

Beer garden

From classic jazz to jazz house, nu jazz and its other forms. Enjoy the evening when music has the priority. DJ Dr. Zeppelin will be performing for you. Gentlemen, ask ladies to dance at sunset.

Slam poetry

8.8.2015 / 20:00

Beer garden

A poetry slam is a competitive live poetry performance. The slammers try to attract the audience which can either encourage the slammer or show its displeasure aloud. There are three basic rules of the competition: original production, no stage property and a time limit. The essential thing is the magic of the moment.