Summer cinema: Berlin Calling

7.8.2015 / 21:00

Summer cinema

Beer garden

The Festival of Summer Cinema in Ostrava presents Berlin Calling. The world of electronic music with all those things that make it what it is. The bad and the good ones. Free life and drugs under the stars.

Michal Štýber & Jiří Grof: LENNON WALL

4.8.2015 / 20:00


Beer garden

Michal Štýber and Jiří Grof form a great musical duo which performs by the colourful John Lennon Wall in Prague for pleasure of foreigners and locals. They play acoustic guitar and harmonica which support the atmosphere of this place. Their repertoire is mainly made up of well-known songs.

Summer clothes sale

1.8.2015 / 10:00

Community second-hand

Beer garden

A neighbourly second-hand shop with clothes. Sort out your wardrobe, come and find something new for you.


1.8.2015 / 16:00

Relax with DJs

Beer garden

Drinks, tasty food, good-quality music - have a great time, alone or with a bunch of friends, at the summer beer garden listening to DJs Karl&John.

Summer cinema: Kulový blesk

31.7.2015 / 21:00

Summer cinema

Beer garden

The Festival of Summer Cinema in Ostrava presents Kulový blesk (Ball Lightning), a Czechoslovak cult comedy film.

3CM in progress

7.7.2015 / 20:00

Šárka Bočková a Vojtěch Fülep

A nonverbal experimental project which blends acting, clownerie, contemporary dance, hanging and ground acrobatics. The performance is a poetic-pictorial vision of the relationship between a man and a woman and their different perspectives.

Garden chill: Crocodiles (US), Easy Steps, Karl&John

26.6.2015 / 15:00 - 22:00


Here, the summer holidays begin! It is time to let go os all worries and fully indulge the summer. How else than with a fresh drink in hand and good music. Californian indie-pop band Crocodiles, local rock band Easy Steps and our DJ duo Karl & John in an oasis culture in the city center.

We are opening the beergarden people!

13.6.2015 / 16:00


It is here, the long anticipated opening of an oasis of culture in the city center is a reality. Let us sit and do stuff in a beautiful place in front Cooltour! Come to celebrate with us the new Cooltour space with a dring, food and a concert of Aurtralian musician Philip Bracken!

Collective loss of Memory

12.6.2015 / 19:00


Současný tanec

With 5 exceptional performers we will dwell into theme of incredibly powerful social phenomena. And that is the story of one of the greatest pleasures of human being-killing and participation in violence.

Ženy (Women)

24.5.2015 / 19:00

Adéla Laštovková Stodolová & SKUTR

festival, physical theatre

New scene

What are the lives of women like in today's world? Well, women are hunters. And what do they do when they feel too much pressure? They bottle fruit.