New scene

Poletíme? put stress on witty, poetic, and straightforward lyrics. They sing about complicated or sad staff in a light-hearted manner, and you’ll be soaked up by the rhythmical atmosphere of joyfulness and colour.

The statement above is confirmed by the visitors of United Islands, Colours of Ostrava, Jam Rock, Rock for People, Trutnov and other festivals. Just look at the astonishing variety of instruments with which they play punk just as amazingly as jazz.

More than 50 000 people have already downloaded their music. Rudolf Brančovský is the bandleader, banjo player, singer, songwriter, and band’s number one.

His voice may be harmed by drinking and smoking, though he is as self-confident as the captain of tatty fishing boat determined to sail around the world. His crew is made of six sea dogs, who know well what to do to anchor safely.

Though ships sail through water, Poletíme? still live in hope that one day they’re gonna fly!


140,- CZK/120,-  CZK studens, seniors and ZTP