Restaurant Day Ostrava XI.

Gastro day

City centr Ostrava

Have you ever dreamed about or just wondered how it’s like to open your own restaurant? In that case, this day is a great opportunity for you! The simple idea of pop-up restaurant festival was first introduced by a group of gourmets in Finland. Today, it means that within 24 hours, thousands of temporary restaurants, stalls and homes from New York to Tokyo open up. And there are no boundaries when it comes to ideas, quite the opposite.

The Restaurant Day was introduced to Ostrava for the first time in spring 2014. In Cooltour, the idea of taking the project under its wing and getting it among people was born. And that’s how home-made food was served for the very first time in Cooltour in Černá louka. After the first year’s success, the team was joined by Jitřenka who has been maintaining the established trend till now. The second and third years keep on gaining in popularity. The event is attended by more and more eaters, and gradually, some of them are becoming the cooks.

Restaurant Day keeps growing. Since four walls aren’t enough, it’s expanding into the streets of Ostrava. With the restaurants in the city centre participating, culinary walks are created. The eleventh year of the event is just round the corner, taking place on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

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