Restaurant Day Ostrava XII.

Gastro day

Masaryk square, Cooltour cafe

Ostrava has been joining the international carnival of homemade meals for the twelfth time already! This festival is a perfect event for all domestic cooks and eaters. This time, we also have booths available on Masaryk square thanks to Ostrava Centre for Culture and Education. Therefore, Restaurant Day will be held right there!

You should not only go to Masaryk square, but also to Cooltour where we prepare almost traditional exhibition of set tables with a small fair of design kitchen textile, tableware and other supplements into the kitchen. You can also find here a pleasant chill out zone, playful and tasty workshop not only for children and last but not least, an accompanying program with food bloggers that starts at 14 p.m.

Do you know anybody who has ever wanted to open a restaurant? Or have you ever been interested in opening a restaurant? If yes, this day is a great opportunity then! Bake your favourite goodies, cook your specialities and come to try what it is like to offer your food as in a restaurant. You can register yourself or your friends HERE. The invitation also concerns these people who like to eat and even gourmets!

This easy principle of pop-up restaurants was originally the idea of a food lovers group in Finland. It looks like that within 24 hours thousands of temporary restaurant, stands and houses from New York, across Ostrava, to Tokyo will be opened. There is no limit to ideas. Together with Cooltour, Restaurant day is also prepared by Ostrava’s food blogger named Gastronautka.