Retro party


New scene, Café

The amazing retro party is here again! We’ll fly through the fifties to the nineties and we’ll enjoy the best these times have to offer. Look at what is waiting for us…
You’ll get to know great celebrities and stars via period screening, like the wild Dan Nekonečný, intellectual Miro Žbiro, tough Palino Habera or cute little Dara
We’ll dance to rock’n’roll, funky, disco and Czechoslovakian soc-pop. Professional and experienced DJs, DJ Čumbulák and DJ Frenky, will play for you. The gentleman will use vinyl for the nostalgic touch. We’ll do Spartakiad style dances in addition to uncontrolled dancing and partying.
Cotton candy will be there for free! We promise it’ll be as sweet and sticky as you remember it from your childhood. We’ll also serve cool Doxy bonbons, well-known Pedro bubble gums and various types of peanut puffs. And we’ll have retro open sandwiches and other snacks!
To make sure you remember your retro evening you can have your photo taken at the photographer‘s booth. Good photographer, retro scene and your presence guarantee the perfect picture.