Salsa dance Hall with MG Dance

Dance hall for the Little Ones


Did you miss this year’s relaxation by the sea? Or have you been enjoying wild waves and hot sand with all your heart, and when you returned to the flood of emails, rings, school duties, and preparation of snacks, do you want to buy another – this time one-way – ticket? We recommend Salsa dance hall – the only evening when Černá louka turns into Latin America! Tuesday, October 23, clearly calls for the ejection of the elastic band and the shirt tie. Emperament, caribbean evergreens, experienced lecture pair Cuba Mazu & Míša Gatěková and tropical drinks at the bar – these are the essentials for a really busy relaxation! Whether you are a dancing queen/king or a just dance as if you were making “cabbage,” it is sure thing that your body will move in the salsa rhythm.

Entrance fee: 80Kč