Théâtre de l'Entrouvert

Festival of the puppet theatre

We are living in a society where reality is drained of its meaning, space and time of their substance and the individual is cut off from his true existence. In this glossy world of superficiality, is there any room for those who do not participate in the power game: those who stumble, those who search and lose themselves? Anywhere is a voyage of discovery in the steps of Oedipus on the Road, by Henry Bauchau, a visual poem which invites the spectator to experience the different states of the element Water, the interior metamorphosis of a mythical character.

Oedipus, puppet of ice (solid state) slowly transforms into water (liquid state) and then disappears into mist (gaseous state). Antigone, his daughter, accompanies him, helps him and is present, trustingly, as he disappears.

Ice as a sensation

The cold which holds, which freezes, solidifies and consolidates the molecules of water, which suspends thought. That concept contains the metaphor of exile, because by leaving his family, his home, his throne, Oedipus abandons the warmth that one generally associates with home, he goes where nothing can warm up his soul.  In contrast to this substance the element Fire is present in different forms along the journey: flames which revive joy, the power of the unleashed elements present in thunder and lightning, light which transcends. The blind Oedipus is accompanied along the way by Antigone, his light, his daughter and his tutor, puppeteer and guide. Clothed with a felt cloak which protects her from the devastating effects of the cold, she guides her father.

Ice screen

The first background to the performance is an ice screen, symbolising the city of Thebes, and on which is inscribed in black ink the first words of the story.

The Mist

The roaming of Oedipus and Antigone finishes at the forest of Erinyes at the gates of Colone. Everything is swathed in a heavy mist, a place at the crossroads of the worlds, where identities fade to become nothing more than voices, one voice. Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus, accompanies him along the way. This is also my approach as puppeteer: to follow, ever present, until the melting of the ice which becomes vapour. The performance represents that accompaniment, just as one accompanies a dear one who’s dying, who fades away slowly little by little.

50 minutes, 12+ years

Entrance: 190CZK in Divadlo loutek Ostrava / Puppet Theatre Ostrava


The Company of the Théâtre de l’Entrouvert was created in 2009 by Elise Vigneron who has a background in art, circus performance and puppet theatre (with a degree from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Marionnette in Charleville-Mézières). At the crossroads of all these disciplines, the Théâtre de l’Entrouvert focuses on a contemporary approach to the art of puppet theatre, all the while drawing inspiration from the past.

Developing an artistic language which speaks directly to the senses, to the unconscious, plunging the audience into an intimate and common experience is all part of the artistic goal she has set herself.

The presence of ephemeral material, the phenomenon of duplication, the volatile character of images, sound vibrations and written words affect the audience’s perception, convoking landscapes more than facts, silence more than explanations.

In equilibrium, together with the audience/travellers, one walks towards that territory of interface, the frontier between the visible and non-visible, the animate and inanimate, the shadows and light. We approach the place where identities fade, time is suspended, spaces flow to infinity.