„I found pain in the light, and beauty in darkness.“

In this solo work Duda Paiva draws on his childhood, during which he suffered an illness that blistered his body and left him temporarily blind. His surreal path to healing involved both shamanic and western medicine. BLIND transforms this experience into a metaphor about disability, rejection and resolution. It creates an intime theatrical tapestry of dance, puppetry adaptations of Yoruba songs from a unique Afro-Brazilian subculture, and driving forces of sound and light.

author, choreography, performer: Duda Paiva

direction: Nancy Black

music / sound design: Wilco

light design: Mark Verhoef

puppets: Evandro Serodio, Duda Paiva

Yoruba teacher / theatre anthropologist: Patrick Oliveira

dramaturgical advice: Nienke Rooijakkers

costumes decor: Machtelt Halewijn

costume: Duda Paiva, Atty Kingma


75 minutes, 15+ years

Entrance: 190,-


DudaPaivaCompany creates physical and visual performances at the crossroads of dance, puppetry and multimedia. With his dance partners, carved from flexible foam, Duda Paiva builds unique, elusive, magical, sometimes painful worlds, always touched by a sense of humour.