STUDY / NAHKA NAAMA – Work in Progress

Holektiv /Jouni Kalervo Ruuth

New scene


“He who has no part in shame and justice shall be put to death, for he is a plague of the state.” (PLATO)

Hartl and Hartlová define the emotion of shame as a response to wrongdoing or violation of norms or rules. Zimbardo and Henderson give a list of physiological symptoms of a shy reaction: increased heart rate, dry mouth, sweating skin. Shame has a wider psychological basis, in a narrower conception we can distinguish sexual, moral, and social shame. For the experience of shame a confrontation between personal shortage or failure and social surroundings is important. Shame is connected with the knowledge of public loss of competence, confidence, public embarrassment etc. Private shame is always only moral shame, feeling ashamed of oneself.

Concept, interpretation: Andrea Vykysalá, Karolína Křížková, Eva Stará

Music: JAK- Matěj Coufal & Julie Lupačová

Lighting design: L’non

Costumes: Barbora Procházková

Scene: Anežka Kalivodová

Supervision: Tomáš Měcháček

With the support of: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports; Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (HAMU); Life of a Musician Foundation (Nadace Život umělce); ALT@ART; DW7. Length: 60 minutes, premiere: 3rd July 2016 in La Fabrika, Prague, Nová síť

Performance is in 2017 a part of the project Nová síť.



Dark atmousphere with dark humour one-man circus-orchestra. Dramaturgy is not telling a story. It is chaos and scenes are made strong by opposite. Very rare juggling and drumming at the same time is one Jouni´s special skills; playing drum solo and juggling with two, tree and four drumsticks same time.

The scenery is made from drums, bycicles and staff from those. All kinds of drumstands, pipes, wheels, leather and metal are the visual scenery. From this unliving material are made figures like animals.  Little by little the game is going harder, soon he moves close the audience making them feel uncomftable but in the end he only wants good. Despite the chaos this is organic wholness. Circus is not put on figure or figure on circus, these are melted to each other fluently and naturaly. Circusnumbers are not performed on after an other, their boundaries are breaken and circus is moving to a music concert, clownery to performance. This is where Jouni is at his best.

Sirkus Aikamoinen - Onnellisten maa - Rumpu - rajattu


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