Summer in Cooltour!



Three months packed with music, fun and chilling in our outside seating area. You can look forward to concerts, parties, summer cinema, campfires, dance halls and lots of other things! 

Are you anticipating the summer festival season yet? It feels like a minute since we were sweeping needles under the Christmas tree, and suddenly, we’re supposed to buy SPF 30 sunscreen and the “throwaway” canvas shoes from H&M once again. The offer of this year’s festival is really diverse and the artist lineup on the posters is truly a feast.

The Czech Republic has probably never experienced a festival of such worldwide music elite. We thought that we shouldn’t fall behind, so we prepared Léto před Cooltourem (Summer outside the Cooltour) for you – a three month festival of music, dance, campfires and cool drinks in the centre of Ostrava. Don’t expect Radiohead or Iggy Pop from us, but you can count on the fact that we’ve chosen every programme item with care and love. Save up money, clean your ears and give your liver a break – Better be prepared to surprised. We’re kicking off on June 9. #letopredcooltourem

We will bring you more details about the program soon! ;-)