The Cross-Country Skiing Odyssey / Běžkářská odysea | MOVE FEST 2019

Bratři v tricku

Cross-Country Skiing Odyssey is a funny acrobatic and juggling variation on the theme of “the journey is the goal”.  A comedy performance about a race in which the first prize is the experience itself. Two cross-country skiers, lost in the map and in the season of the year,embark on an errant journey with obscure course and unclear end. No trace? Doesn’t matter, this performance is not traditional in any way! And if you are brave enough, you can also become part of this cross-country skiing outdoor show.

The Trick Brothers are considered the most entertaining Czech new circus company for goodreason. The Cross-Country Skiing Odyssey draws upon The Trick Brothers’ long-timeexperience with street theatre. Their strongest domains are self-irony, juggling, handlingobjects, moderate acrobatics, and kind humour.

We will announce the time and the starting point soon!

Participation in the race is free of charge 🙂

Cross-country skiers: Adam Jarchovský, Václav Jelínek,

Supervision: Tomsa Legierski

Costumes: Jarmila Enochová