Unconventional Christmas Market 2015

Christmas market with original handmade products


A year has passed and the 5th ‘Unconventional Christmas market’ in Cooltour is here again. Last Saturday before Christmas, dozens of craftsmen from the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be offering their original handmade products made with love.  Your best last chance to buy original presents at a poplular event with unique atmosphere and room temperature ;)

What else but shoping, shoping and shoping will be happening?

Apart from traditional performances for children and creative workshops for children and adults you can look forward to two new innovations. Firstly, we have put ‘children’s market’ on program. In other words it means that kids have the opportunity to try the role of sellers and offer their handmade products. The second innovation on program is ‘Exchange of Christmas sweets’. Are you fed up with vanilla crescents? Don´t you have enough time to prepare ten kinds of confectionery as expected from a proper housewife ;) ? Then bring your supplies and exchange them for other types with other guests of the market. No worries! Together we can do Christmas without stress. ;)



11:00 Hana Dvořáčková, Kateřina Řeřichová About magical Christmas bread and the mouse Klárka and the squirrel Terka – It is a fairy tale about the magic of Christmas, traditions and mutual aid.

14:00 David Velčovský Strašfuňák’s Christmas Bread[1] – Strašfuňák is a dwarf with the overactive imagination. While he is sleeping in his old suitcase he dreams about unbelievable stories which he likes narrating. You will wonder at Christmas stories he will be telling you about.


11:00 – 13:00 Coolnička: Hravá móda Creation of Christmas gift cards

12:00 – 14:00 Coolna: Regina Michnová (dubinek3) Hand-sewn Christmas decorations from felt

13:00 – 15:00 Coolnička: Atelier-koira-kissa Printing of Christmas decorations

15:00 – 17:00 Coolnička: U Zajdánka Christmas at Zajdánek – Painting on fabric decorations

15:00 – 17:00 Coolna: Tereza Mičková Creating Christmas snowmen from tops


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And what else can you look forward to?

Nice smiling faces of sellers, chat with friendly people, delicious food and farm products, scented Christmas punch at an indoor and outdoor bar and snowman making (hopefully, there will be enough snow).

[1] Christmas bread (vánočka) is braided bread with almonds and raisins traditionally baked in the Czech Republic at Christmas time.