Ventolin, Fiordmoss, Tomino & Myslivec

Triple bill

One evening and three excellent singers – this is a gig at Cooltour with FIORDMOSS, VETOLINEM a TOMINO & MYSLIVEC!



These are melancholics fascinated by the stories of dark beauty. They established the band after what their flat was burnt down. In their production inspired by techno and grime, they combine singing and guitars and play their songs on almost lightless stage. Former members Petra Hermanová and Roman Přikryl met at art school. Their first EP (extended play) Gliese was released at their expenses and helped Petra to get to Red Bull Music Academy in 2011. Another member of the group, guitarist Jan Boroš, joined the group in the course of their tour and together released their second EP Ink Bitten. For this EP they were awarded by Vinyl in the category of Český Slavík Award for New Artist. They currently live in Berlin and their band was extended by another member, drummer Jon-Eirik Boska, whom Petra met at Red Bull Music Academy. After the first two songs Madstone and Motherland that were released last year, the band is releasing their very first debut album Kingdom Come on October 12.



He is a producer, musician and performer whose new album “Vítajte” is going to be released on September 15. Within his tour he is coming to introduce the album to Cooltour as well. Ventolin combines elements of electro, acid house, punk and techno. Boxes, effects, vintage synthesizers and other obscure things – these are the instruments, which help him to create music. He puts emphasis on energy and direct contact with the audience. He successfully overcomes repulsion, which is the problem of every live electronic performance.




pre-sale: 170CTZ/ students 150CZK
at door: 200 CZK