Radim Vizváry

Nová scéna, Cooltour Ostrava

Let’s admit it. Who doesn’t at times watch some TV soap operas or read a tabloid? Lives of “VIPs” are simply attractive. Some of them are even seen as superheroes, as the untouchable. We want to disclose their privacy and especially their flaws. We want to know that they are like us and we want to be like them. Until the moment we find out their VIP dream-life is not quite what we imagined.

Radim Vizváry makes fun of VIPs, just a little bit. He sees the lives of “very important people” as something grotesque and he shows how hard it is to change one’s media image. You can look forward to Radim Vizváry’s art of pantomime in the form of a well-knit performance in which the author crosses the boundaries between genres. He offers original modern pantomime, whether it concerns its principles and technique or its dramaturgy and visual conception.