Vladimir 518 – SPAM:DEATH


Spam – something unsolicited, unexpected. Death – the integrated part of a life cycle. It’s unwanted and often comes suddenly. Live pictures of dancing bodies of Jan Vrána and Palo Kršiak, rumbling voice-over, objects’ absorption, laser projections, and theatrical atmosphere – all of these characterize this event.
The main theme of SPAM: SMRT is the phenomenon of death and a life cycle that are presented both on the universal and general level, and in the particular story of one human being. Ondřej Anděra sees the whole project as the research of artistic possibilities in terms of audiovisual and theatrical creations. He attempts to find new media and so a new form of art. “We didn’t intend to create too abstract performance because people usually lose in abstraction. Nevertheless, we didn’t want to make too descriptive performance because it would miss the magic,” explains Vladimir 518.

Vladimír 518 is one of the longest performing rappers of the Czech hip-hop scene, the member of the PSH band, and the founder of the label and the grouping Bigg Boss. He is also well-known as the prominent figure of graffiti scene, the illustrator, the author of comics and stage designs.

Ondřej Anděra is the founder and the member of the WWW band. He is involved in many long-term intermedia projects dealing with the connection of modern interactive media and live theatre and concert performance.

David Vrbík works as a sound engineer in the Estates Theatre (Stavovské divadlo) and cooperates on the SPAM projects for a long time.

Dancers: Jana Vrána, Palo Kršiak
Time duration: 50 minutes
The project has been supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague – the capital city, and the State Cultural Fund of the Czech Republic.