Vladivojna La Chia & (pětičlenné) 4Trio


Vladivojna La Chia and her five – member 4Trio are coming to Cooltour as a follow – up to a very successful autumn tour for a new album. This album was inspired by the movie 8 Heads of Madness and the whole tour finished in the sold – out music club Parník in Ostrava.

4Trio is an abbreviation for five – member acoustic 4trio of Vladivojna, who is a singer and composer. The band with a 10 year tradition is exceptional thanks to its distinctive and varied attitude to songs that Vladivojna composes not only for herself but also for film and theatre. There are four members in the band. It is Aleš Bajger, a brilliant and experienced guitarist, Terezie Kovalová, a distinctive violoncellist who has been accompanied Vladivojna since she was 16 years old, Sylvie Bee, a charismatic chanson singer and newly also Luboš Pavlík, a drummer. The band plays a dynamic music, which is a mixture of fragile intimacy, temperament and sometimes even a brutal ferocity. All of this is accompanied exclusively by acoustic instruments.

The band has been an adventurous unit for the whole time of its existence. While performing, the band enjoys unexpected and courageous improvisations from opera and fado up to frantic punk. To make the performance more varied, Vladivojna sometimes takes out her favorite lobster or trombone and then things happen…

Jáchym Topol / writer:

Thanks to her communicativeness and honesty, Vladivojna La Chia is an absolutely distinctive and noticeable singer as well as poetess and dancer…Emotions, energy and message represent the basis of her music and expression in singing that has no parallel in the Czech Republic. Although the force of her voice and music is sexy and damned contemporary, it does not give the impression of being pandering. Vladivojna is original and courageous – she set a high standard.”


Antoník Kocánek / music publicist:

“The new 4Trio introduced itself in the best light at the launch ceremony. In the lead with Vladivojna, the band performed musically as well as visually an outstanding performance that gradually combined the chanson, pop, cabaret elements and even alternative experiments. This might be a good test for all listeners that approach the singer with bias. And it is also definitely her potential that can offer all sorts of things in the future. It sometimes does everybody good to step out of comfort zone.”


Josefína Bakošová / fashion designer:

“I was blown away by the gig of Vladivojna in Gask gallery in Kutná Hora! The performance was incredible and she became a multitalented woman for me. Gentle, rhythmical and harmonic music combined with rough elements form the perfect whole. Each song is original, unique and has beautiful lyrics. Vladivojna is an outstanding singer, musician and performer. Her performance in Gask gallery made me go to the launch ceremony to La Fabrika cultural centre in Prague. Here I only convinced that Vladivojna was an exceptional performer.”


Vašek Muller / a script editor of Hradecký slunovrat festival:

“Vladivojna is beautiful and bewitching. The whole project inspired by the movie 8 Heads of Madness is very useful. And most importantly, this show is so original (in the best sense of the word) that I have no idea who I would compare it to. Big stages do her good.”


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