VOSTO5: Tears of weather-beaten men


Vosto5 – famous chzech group of actors  are coming with a puppet performance telling a fateful story of the most successful Czech skier Bohumil Hanč and his friend Václav Vrbata.

It passed one hundred years from the biggest Czech sport tragedy and we still do not know for sure what exactly happened at the Giant Mountains hill Zlaté návrší.

…he was fighting with death but it touched his heart and stopped it from beating…

After the race was cancelled all Czech, German and Norwegian participants – men of one blood – were standing above the body of Bohumil Hanč and all were weeping. Nobody could believe that the lifeless body of the most talented, brave and always kind and helpful man was suddenly lying in front of them and nothing could bring him back to life.

Actors: Ondřej Bauer, Kristýna Liška Boková/Renata Prokopová, Tomina Jeřábek, Petr Prokop and Ondřej Cihlář

Script and direction: Ondřej Cihlář

Performance time: 80 minutes


Advance booking: 150 crowns (adults) / 120 crowns (students)

At place: 200 crowns (adults) / 160 crowns (students)


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