Ženy (Women)

Adéla Laštovková Stodolová & SKUTR

festival, physical theatre

New scene

What are the lives of women like in today’s world? Well, women are hunters. And what do they do when they feel too much pressure? They bottle fruit. Bows in hands, arrows on their backs and plums in their bags, three women set off on a journey across the land of their memories. It is lined with rubber toy animals, a chandelier with feathers, hair totem and juicy plum pulp.

Sometimes they notice men on the horizon who are waiting for them beyond the border. And then time comes to untwine, unknit, rip and patch again the past and the future, from midnight to dawn. With humour and irony, rather surprisingly, Dana Batulková, Zuzana Stavná and Renata Martinová balance their lives and thus close the trilogy of three pieces: Malá smrt (Little Death), Muži (Men) and Ženy (Women).

Idea, draft, director: Adéla Laštovková Stodolová
Choreographer: Jana Burkiewiczová
Directing supervision: SKUTR (Martin Kukučka, Lukáš Trpišovský)
Costumes: Hana Zárubová
Scenography: Jakub Kopecký
Light design: Jakub Kopecký, Michael Bláha, Jana Burkiewiczová
Supervision for constellations: Barbora Nádvorníková, Jan Bílý
Production: Iva Kopecká
Producer: Tereza Rychnovská, SKUTR

Actors: Dana Batulková, Renáta Martinová, Zuzana Stavná, Jindřich Panský, Jakub Gottwald, Ondřej Nosálek