ZRNÍ & Loten Namling (Tibet)


New scene

Part of the project called WE SING TIBETAN to develop
the Czech and Tibetan relationships

The band Zrní is preparing seven pre-Christmas concerts to complete its birthday year. A special guest of their tour called Czech-Tibetan tour 2016 will be the leading Tibetan musician Loten Namling.

The band Zrní celebrates its fifteenth birthday throughout the whole year and in a pretty unusual way. Prior to each concert they busk on squares and thus pay tribute to street musicians, which they also used to be.

And because the band is a Himalayan patron of a school in Little Tibet and this year it repeatedly expressed its support to Tibetans by music participation in protests in front of the Chinese Embassy or by demonstration at the arrival of Chinese President to the Czech Republic, it therefore became the first band of the project We Sing Tibetan.
“We’re interested in the topic of Tibet and in human rights in general,” says the singer of the band Honza Unger, “we’ll be happy to use the popularity and influence that we have to help this gorgeous project.”

The organizer of this first systematic project WE SING TIBETAN  to strengthen Czech and Tibetan relationships is the organization Brontosaurus in Himalayas. The Brontosaurus would like to invite one Tibetan artist each year to present his/her work at concerts of Czech bands and thus to develop mutual awareness of life of the Czech and Tibetan people.
The first year of the project starts with the band Zrní that completes its birthday year by a Czech-Tibetan tour 2016 with a Tibetan musician Loten Namling.