Zrní & Korben Dallas


Zrní & Korben Dallas are again on tour together in fall.

Both bands had honor recently to play at most prestigious festivals in their countries where they were doing concerts accompanied by symphony orchestras. In the Czech Republic Zrní performed together with Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava at the festival Colours of Ostrava. In Slovakia Korben Dallas played together with Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra at Bažant Pohoda Festival under the name Korben Dallas Symphony. In a view of a good cooperation both bands decided to join and play at clubs but this time without the support of orchestras.

In October they gave five concerts together in Slovakia and they are planning to play also five concerts in the Czech Republic during November and December. It will not be the first experience for them to play in front of the Czech and Slovak audience. Last year their concerts in both countries were sold out and their music fulfilled thousands of fans. ‘During our cooperation last year we realized that we all have similar human nature and we see the world in a very same way’ says a manager of Zrní band Tomáš Paleta. ‘Apart from this our cooperation has many benefits for both bands. In the Czech Republic Zrní is more famous and can introduce Korben Dallas to the Czech audience and in Slovakia it works completely vice versa.’ This fall the concerts of Zrní & Korben Dallas will take place in Brno, Pardubice, České Budějovice, Ostrava and Prague. Zrní & Korben Dallas will end their tour in Lucerna Mucis Bar in Prague by giving the special Christmas concert.

Zrní has achieved a lot of success. The band gave the very successful performance with the symphony orchestra at Colours of Ostrava where their music was arranged for orchestra by a Slovak violinist and composer Stano Palúch. Moreover, the band can show off a new video clip. It was created to the song Lazar that comes from the successful last year’s album Následuj kojota. The clip was directed by a Czech artist and a songwriter Jakub Čermák. The song Lazar tells a story about people who have some jobs but often dream of doing something else.

Members of Korben Dallas work hard to be successful too. For fall tour they have prepared a new program. Besides songs Sen and Kam ideme that come from the new album they will perform completely new music. The band also intends to play songs that they have not been playing at concerts for some time. ‘It is important for us to know that people who saw us last year playing with Zrní can look forward to something totally different and so it would pay them to come at our concert’ says the band frontman Juraj Benetin. During the tour the new album should come out. This album includes songs performed by Korben Dallas Symphony. The music has been arranged by Slavo Solovic and production has been done by Petr Ostruchov. ‘Similar types of fans attend our concerts in both countries and it proves that our cooperation is natural and fruitful’ ends a bass player of Korben Dallas Lukáš Fila.

Ticket price:

Students: advance booking 160 crowns / at place 200 crowns

Adults: advance booking 190 crowns / at place 230 crowns