“ZRNÍ is a game, a coal dream from Kladno.”  This amazing Czech band will play live in Cooltour again! Characteristic sound and a combination of electronic with songwriting poetry brought to perfection, with talent for melodies, mixing modern sound, electronic and songwriting poetry, they are an icon of innovatory and seeking on the Czech alternative music scene.

From busking in the streets, with their talent and hard work, they moved to its notional top. With being open to all genres and instrumentally matured, you can hear a blend of various sounds in their unmistakable music style…an accordion and beatbox, flute and even experiments with looper. Collectively made acoustic-electronic music with many-layered lyrics dives from time to time into the spheres of dance music and ambient. Their individual performance on stage is the same as their music: authentic, dense, energetic and hypnotizing.

Without calculation, compromises and a big label behind them their albums are acclaiming awards and nominations. Besides sold-out music clubs and playing on the main stages of many big festivals they are also owners of Anděl Award 2012 (The Angel Award) for Discovery of the Year.

With the producer Ondřej Ježek and electronic experimenter Jonatán Pastirčák alias Pjoni (SK) they made an album in Spain called Jiskřící which they again released themselves. The 5th album was released on March 31, 2017. And now the 2nd leg of The Jiskřící tour begins.


  • pre-sale via GoOut 210CZK / students, seniors, ZTP and KMO members 180CZK / seats 280CZK
  • at door 240CZK