Adopt a Flower Pot

The next season of the project called „Adopt a flower pot“ is here. This project offers the citizens a chance to adopt a planter. The planters are located in the centre of Ostrava and their adoptive parents can take care of them and beautify them at their own discretion and taste throughout the whole season. By this we want to provoke citizens to be more interested in the common spaces of the city and to enable them to become not only the users of the spaces but also their co-creators.


The first Ostrava cultural magazine in English language. You can find our recommendaitions and tips for places we love. he international community in Ostrava is largely overlooked and under served, they feel disconnected to the land and culture they are spending their lives in, and sometimes are treated more like an inconvenience than a welcomed neighbour.

City Interventions Ostrava 2013

The main idea of the project is to try to find certain points, places and situations in Ostrava we think they do not work properly or which do not provide inhabitants with things and services they can. It often concerns the places that nobody wants to use or those which seem not to bring any profit. However, we would not like to restrict this project only to the search for such places but rather find the real uses for them too. The aim is to show that the small changes can cause the big effect in city context.

Pianos for Ostrava

The main idea of this project is to revive in an unconventional way the streets and other public spaces in the city, where people usually just go through without stopping and perceiving their surroundings.

Silicon heaven

The multigenre centre of contemporary art - Cooltour - became an asylum for the cast-off electrical appliances for some time. The project called „Silicon heaven“ took place here during the autumn of 2012.

The purpose of the project is to acquaint the public with the art of waste by the means of workshop and following exhibition. To show how we can transform different materials into a work of art and preserve the ecological spirit of the project. Thus we can link up two completely different (at the first sight) spheres


Do you also want to be one of those stylish guys and chicks who ride home-grown trendy bicycles? Or are you just a passionate cyclist (who does not have so super bike) and would you like to look at the center of Ostrava from the saddle, though not the horse? Come and borrow Artbike! And where? In Cooltour! Who else is trying to bring a bit of life and style into an empty center 😉


Mental Café

The Mental Café mobile café project originated in Cooltour in 2012. The main objective of the project is to involve people with disabilities in the work process, to teach them how to make money, to learn new skills and communication skills. The aim is also to meet the public with people with disabilities in common places and in normal life situations and to break down the associated prejudices.

City interventions Ostrava 2016

Even you can become an architect or designer and design your vision of Ostrava. Do you have an interesting idea how to revive some places in Ostrava? Join the project of City interventions 2016 and participate on the city’s new face. The principle of City interventions is to appeal to active citizens by the means of public challenge.

Unconventional handcrafting workshops

Cycle of handcrafting alias do it yourself (DIY) workshops coached by your favourite sellers from the Unconventional Christmas market. We know you always enjoy the Market very much and thus we decided to prepare a sort of its crafty „echoes“ called Unconventional handcrafting workshops for spring.