Even you can become an architect or designer and design your vision of Ostrava. Do you have an interesting idea how to revive some places in Ostrava? Join the project of City interventions 2016 and participate on the city’s new face. The principle of City interventions is to appeal to active citizens by the means of public challenge.

City interventions Ostrava 2016

Even you can become an architect or designer and design your vision of Ostrava. Do you have an interesting idea how to revive some places in Ostrava? Join the project of City interventions 2016 and participate on the city’s new face. The principle of City interventions is to appeal to active citizens by the means of public challenge.  They will then design a layout of city spaces (without claim to fee) which will be displayed as posters at the Masaryk square. We do not care whether you are one or hundred years old, whether you are a professional or you just like to paint – anyone can propose a change.

Why the City interventions?

The city is a complex and complicated organism, which evolves and changes very slowly. Why do we organize the event of City interventions twice in a short span of time of three years? Ostrava has not changed dramatically during this time urbanistically nor architectonically. But maybe it is us who is changing – its citizens. The desire and will for change has always been in Ostrava but now this trend grows and we hope it will further culminate.

You have probably noticed the municipality plan to compose in collaboration with the citizens a strategical plan of the city – fajnova.cz – which will help Ostrava in its long-term course. You probably do not know yet about city’s effort to create a tool for temporary usage of the abandoned places, estates or buildings – https://refillthecity.wordpress.com/ – its idea was touched several times in latest interventions. And you also might not know about planned announcement of new type of municipal grants in support of the „city interventions“ in 2017. But what you surely did notice is the number of events and activities which take place in the city – organized not only by municipality but also us – citizens and users of the city.

We believe that all these facts create inspiring and motivating nutrient substance for your new reflections, ideas and initiatives for small or big, temporary or permanent, central or peripheral reshapings or improvements of specific places in Ostrava. The city is changing slowly by building, but the way we use it changes very rapidly. Share your ideas and receive the feedback from your fellow citizens. Let them motivate you and move your ideas further – maybe even up to realization!

How does it work?

The principle of City interventions is to appeal to the active citizens  – not only the creative professions (architects, designers, artists, streetartists, city engineers etc.) – by the means of public challenge.  They will (without claim to fee) design a layout (both structural and non-structural) of city spaces they consider problematic.  It is a completely independent event, nobody can order the projects. It is a completely individual choose made bythe  citizens of the city.

The authors will hand in their projects in the format of printable pdf, which will be used for the printing of A1 posters. Those will be composed in an exhibition on Masaryk square. Every project will include both concomitant text and  visualizations with ground plans, views, schemes or situations, intelligible not only for professionals but also for lay public.

The exhibition will be accompanied by authors‘ presentations, discussions on the topic of public spaces and more. The final projects will be further processed into a small catalogue of exhibition with concomitant texts also in English language.

What is the particular assignment of the City interventions Ostrava 2016?

Due to the ongoing and prepared municipal activities, which should facilitate the realization of both future permanent and temporary „City interventions“ we have a good reason to ask you to classify your „interventions“ into one of the three territorial categories:

  1. The square is everybody’s – interventions concerning the Masaryk square
  2. The centre is alive – the centre means Moravian Ostrava in this case

III. Ostrava is our city – every other part of the city

…and further into two temporally-horizontal categories:

A/permanent – plans for permanent change of a particular place

B/temporary – proposals for temporary use of particular places (in the horizon from a few hours to a few years)

These categories embrace everything and should not limit anyone in choose of a particular intervention. But they are not random either. They arise from planned future preferences and possibilities of support for possible realization of given interventions. The final projects will be sorted also according to these given categories in the future catalogue. Do not forget to state the category also in the graphic adaptation of your intervention!

The interventions may propose both structural and non-structural adjustments and improvements, ideas for events, temporary utilization, wit, exaggeration, as well as completely serious proposals of solving urgent topics. Do not let anything (except the format) tie your hands. The only thing we ask is to avoid politically and racistically motivated proposals and vulgar treatment. We would have to exclude that kind of proposals.

When will it happen?

You can start right now to think it over, ask questions, register and work on your proposals! The deadline for handing in the printing materials is Wednesday, 7th September 2016. The vernissage of the exhibition will take place at the occasion of neighbourhood festival Experience Ostrava in a different way on Saturday, 17th September 2016. The exhibition will be displayed at Masaryk square and later on at city hall of Ostrava. The visitors will have a possibility to vote for the most interesting proposals during the exhibition.

Who to contact for more information?

Confidently contact either Soňa Frídlová , sona@cooltourova.cz, tel: 734 720 666, the chief of the project, or Jiří Stejskalík, info@mestskezasahyostrava.cz, tel: 605 774 480, the architect and specialist executive.

How to register?

Email Jiří Stejskalík at info@mestskezasahyostrava.cz and briefly describe your idea. We implore you to register – it will help us in preparations of the exhibition and we will also have a possibility to inform you about news and changes.

And a brief look back to history:


The idea of this project has existed in Europe and America for a long time. The idea of „City interventions“ came out in Bratislava in 2007, when Matúš Vallo and Oliver Sadovský (Vallo Sadovsky Architects) launched their idea of citizen-professional initiative. They approached a few of their colleagues and architectonic ateliers to choose and propose an architectonic solution of a problematic public space in a broader centre of the capital city Bratislava.

The project met extraordinary response not only from architects, but also from broader public, and the concept of City interventions became universal and used in other cities – the City interventions took place in Prague, Brno, Košice, Jablonec nad Nisou, Kladno, now they are in process in Nitra etc. Further information at www.mestskezasahy.cz and www.mestskezasahy.sk  www.vranokonovo.sk.

Watch also: www.facebook.com/mestskezasahyostrava.

Last update: 18.4.2018