Finally! Even Ostrava has its own community garden! We opened it at the beginning of July 2015 and without any theoretical knowledge and practical skills we brought in fairly good harvest.

The community garden „Tržnice“

Community Park Tržnice
The community garden was opened in the beginning of June 2015, and without big practical skills we achieved a good harvest. For the next two years, the temporary community garden was always shut down for winter and restored again in spring. Thanks to a grant from the city of Ostrava we could start to plan much larger project, a Community Park Market, part of which is, in addition to the community part also the public part – a park, where people can spent pleasant free time, a place, which should also educate the people of Ostrava. In addition to the sample flower boxes there will be herb spiral, fruit trees, flowery meadow,beetle hill or insect hotel. All thanks to the grant program “Fajnovy prostor” (“Super Space”).

What is a community gardening?
Shared little fields and flower boxes are great alternatives to planting vegetables, herbs or flowers when you don’t have your own garden or a balcony. Community gardens are being established in abandoned urban areas all around the world for many years already. In addition to the provision of you own food, the community garden is also connected with establishing new (or stiffening the old) relations with neighbours. As soon as you try it and become more interested in what you eat, you’ll never want the food from wholesale market again.
Ostrava’s pilot project took off and we are very happy that we’re successful with its development. If you join us, you can enjoy wide variety of experiments such as composting, urban bees, permaculture, and so on.

How it all works?
Community Park Market is located a short distance from a market place in the part of Ostrava called Černá louka. It consists of community garden and of public area. In the community garden there are sixty flower boxes (1.8 x 0.8 m). We recommend to take 1-2 flower boxes, if you are just a beginner in the area of gardening. To create a fund for the payment of lease and consumption of electricity and water, we decided to rent one flower box for 600 CZK for a season.
This year is largely influenced by the fact that we are building the new park and the community garden, community gardeners are manufacturing boxes and sowing the grass and preparing free space for flower boxes. At the same time we are building a gazebo, and we’re going to plant a hornbeam hedge. Building assistance is voluntary and is not required, however, when it’s in your power, we welcome any help!
From June 2018 it will be possible to grow plants in the flower boxes and it will also be possible to use the garden during the whole year. Each member of the community will have a yearlong access. We are planning to organize seminars or lectures on various topics related to gardening or ecology.
We are very grateful to our sponsors who helped us to implement our project: to the city of Ostrava, to the company Scaserv, which lends mobile fence and to company OZO!, which provides us with substrate and ensures the bio-waste collection for free.

If you want to join, call or write to Zuzana Vinklárková (email; tel.: 732 550 039)

Last update: 18.6.2018

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